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It’s no secret that I love VTech toys. They’re just so robust – and educational … but mainly robust.

With four kids here, I need toys that are built to last, because you just never know when said toy will become a missile launched off a balcony, or at a wall … or at a siblings head. Just look at Dukie up there with that Toot-Toot Animals Horse, you know that horse is about to put through it’s paces in an aggressive fashion, right? LOOK AT HIS FACE!

Look, in my experience, VTech toys are the goods. I love the tech toys like the Kidizoom range of cameras and recommend them to anyone who asks, I love the educational toys and I love the toddler toys. They last.

The Toy Cull Test

You know how I know a good toy? Because every now and then the toy situation in this house gets too much – go figure – and I, armed with garbage bags, boxes for charity, storage tubs and a label maker, dive in with a heart full of culling ambition.

I get brutal.

If a toy so much looks like it’s going to be a pain in the arse … it goes.

If a toy shows signs that nobody has ever even touched it … it goes.

If a toy looks like at some point in the near future it’s about to break … it goes.

If in doubt – chuck it out.

You know what never goes? The VTech stuff. And that there is why I love them, and why I’m happy to spend money on them. Ain’t nobody got time for crappy toys.

You want in on the action?

You could have some VTech awesomeness at your place too, because I have some to giveaway!

You could win one of two prizes, each valued at $83.80, and each including:

  • 1x Safari Sounds Guitar, RRP $34.95
  • 1x Safari Sounds Microphone, RRP $24.95
  • 2x Toot-Toot Animals, RRP $11.95ea

That’s two winners and a total prize pool of $167.60!

Here’s a bit of information from the Vtech peeps about what you could win:

Safari Sounds Guitar, (suitable for 2-5 years), RRP $34.95
Rock and learn with the Safari Sounds Guitar. Join the band and play along with the silly giraffe or create your own music in three fun guitar styles; acoustic, electric and distorted. Press the light-up buttons to play guitar chords and strum the strings for more sounds or sing along to 8 familiar tunes with the giraffe and her friends. Even move the giraffe’s tail to add cool guitar effects.

win Vtech toys Safari Sounds Guitar

Toot-Toot Farm Animals (suitable for 1-5 years), RRP$11.95
Perfectly-sized for little hands, these cute animals entertain with a light up button that activates music and sounds that respond to SmartPointTM technology on Toot-Toot Animals playsets (each sold separately). New animals in the collection include Pig, Sheep, Donkey, Cow, and Horse.

Safari Sounds Microphone, (suitable for 2-5 years), RRP $24.95
Be the coolest cat in town with the Safari Sounds Microphone. Go on a singing safari with this cute little lion — join the animal band and sing along or sing on your own, play music notes and learn all about different instruments.

win Vtech toys

Sound good? Enter below …

Sorry, this competition has closed - we will have more fun coming for you soon - stay tuned.

Good luck in the competition, guys!

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