Must-have mini tuna pie recipe

Hey you, you should probably know – I try to be healthy, try to cook healthily, even. But sometimes I just like to make shit that they’ll eat, ya know. If you are allergic to calories … avert your eyes.

This recipe is an absolute family favourite here at camp Wylie. It’s actually a bastardised version of something I found in Nanny Jam’s scrapbook of happiness.

Who the hell is Nanny Jam?

Well, for starters her name is Jan. Annnnnd, I’m not even related to her.

Jan is the mother of one of my dearest mates. The name Nanny Jam was acquired before she was even a grandmother. It came from my daughter Ruby, who loved her so dearly, but could not pronounce her name. Hence, Nanny Jam. Nanny Jam’s husband is affectionately known as Ow – also named by infant Ruby. Real name: Al.

Nanny Jam’s Scrapbook of happiness

Nanny Jam is a great cook. I’m talking AH-MAY-ZING. Many’s the time Nanny Jam’s cooking nursed a bunch of us through a hangover. She also loaded me up with an insane cheesecake through most of my pregnancies *drools at thought*.

In her arsenal is a scrapbook of recipes, lovingly written down as they’ve been trialled after being passed on from friends, or ripped out of magazine’s in Doctors waiting rooms. This scrapbook dates back – well, I actually have no idea how far back it goes – lets just say it is robust with the scent of seventies. *hums Bob Marley …. not THAT scent, people. Sheesh, it’s Jan.

Quite a few of the recipes in my own repertoire come from this book, because … YUM.

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Mini Tuna Pies

Like I said, these recipes are written down – so to name the original, ORIGINAL source? Probs can’t be done. Let’s just credit Nanny Jam and be done with it, OK?

Le recipe

1 425 tin of tuna – drained
32 crushed/crumbled Jatz biscuits (weird, right, but this has to be exacto. Not enough: too soggy. Too many: too dry)
1 large tin corn – drained
2 eggs – lightly whisked
1 cup milk
150g grated cheese (whatever ya got handy. I sometimes use the pizza cheese mixes … ya know, wattevs)
1 finely chopped onion (or rough as shit chopped, if you are me)
* 1 tbs chopped parsley
Salt & pepper to taste

  • Pre-heat oven to about 160º
  • Then smash the shit outta those Jatz. I pop them in the mixing bowl I am about to use and go hard with the end of a rolling pin. You could also chuck them in a bag and smash them up … but I’m lazy and that feels like double handling to me.
  • Then, here is the technical part, chuck in all of the other stuff and mix it all together.
  • ** Spoon the mix into muffin trays – I find the mix makes 18 decent sized mini-pies – so you might need to do a couple of batches.
  • Top with a bit of extra cheese if you like at this point – I sometimes sprinkle a bit of shaved parmesan if I have some laying around, but totes not necessary.
  • Bake for 35 minutes or until golden brown

* This originally had no corn. I always add the corn now, and only have the parsley if I have some kicking around. No biggie to leave either out.

** Originally this recipe was a big pie – of course you can make it in a pie dish if you like. I just made it in muffin sizes once for a party, and kinda stuck with it. I have also found that the leftovers make great lunchbox fillers when made in the smaller sizes BUT …. it is equally as relish as a big pie or a slice – just bake it for a wee bit longer.


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