The last first birthday …


Duke turned one.


One. Whole. Year – already.

Maybe it’s because he is our last baby, maybe it’s because it has been such a busy year, maybe it’s because that’s just what time does … but it has flown. The twelve months since I got this ridiculous phone call from my mum simply zipped by in the blink of an eye:

Ridiculous comment from mum

Onya mum.

Anyway, Duke is one so that means it’s time for a party. The last ‘first party’ for us.

The original Hawylie party …

Nearly five years ago, our first born son, Cael, turned one. We celebrated the occasion with a Hawylie Party (Hawaiian Party meets our surname – Wylie. You know it’s clever) and it was a blast.

There’s something about the colour, the props, the cocktails … that make Hawaiian themed parties uber-festive.

Here’s a few pics from Cael’s original Hawylie Party:

Cael's First Birthday - Hawaiian themed party

Hawylie revisited …

Since our new home has about a million palm trees, we thought “It’s been five years, surely we can bust out those props again for another backyard party?”

… then it rained.

The luau was a washout. Our plans for a pool party were canned and we took things indoors. Here’s how it looked:

The cake …

I ripped this pineapple trim idea off my mate Skye from SummaSkye – she is full of ’em. Clearly my layer-evenness (totes a word) needs some practise – I did better at Ivy’s party (instructions on how I made Ivy’s layer cake are here) – but it tasted great!

Duke's first birthday - Hawaiian Party - Hawaiian Cake

Tacky plastic party prop game: Strong

Duke's First Birthday - Hawaiian Party

The eats …

Simple, sugary fare was on offer. It might have rotted our teeth, but it sure looked purrrrrty.

Duke's First Birthday - Hawaiian Party - Jelly CupsDuke's First Birthday - Hawaiian Party - Lollies

Duke's First Birthday - Hawaiian Party -  Fruit Kebabs

Duke's First Birthday - Hawaiian Party - Cupcakes

So that was it – the last ever ‘first birthday’ for our clan.

Duke is such a great human, it’s been one hell of a year. While I’ll certainly miss all of the babyness that is already ebbing away before my eyes, he’s offering up more and more magic everyday. This kid is going places, I’m gonna hold on tight and hang on for the ride.

How did you celebrate your little ones turning one?



  1. says

    That looks amaze! What a super cool shindig and I bet Duke will look back and think “how rad are my parents?!” I wanted a Hawaiian theme for my girls 1st Birthday, until my husband pointed out that perhaps that was more about what I wanted my own party theme to be…yeah whatever! It was also the dead of winter, so kinda wasn’t going to work out! This looks like so much fun! Must plan my next baby around a summer birthday!

  2. says

    So for all three of my kids 1st bdays I went WAY over the top, but I have made up for it by being completely useless ever since! They grow so bloody fast, just like weeds, except harder to keep on top of. I see the lovely Sarah is your website designer, LOVE me some Sarah and Rafiki!

  3. Kelly NH says

    This looks awesome! WE did our pre-wedding party in a Hawaiian theme. Basically it was just an excuse to drink rudely named cocktails and wear ridiculous outfits.
    That text between your mum and yourself is fkn hilarious :o)

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