Kid’s Room Makeover Post #3: Storage solutions for kids’ rooms

Super AMart were kind enough to gift me the beds, stools, storage and lamps for this room makeover. This is not a sponsored post otherwise. Images by Pixelgarden Design.


Kids amass a lot of stuff. A LOT. Keeping that stuff in any kind of order sometimes feels like an uphill battle. The truth is, no matter how organised you are, that stuff is going to make its way all over your home every now and then, it just is.

If left to their own devices your child’s room will occasionally look as though a giant has come along and picked it up to give it a big old shake, before placing it back down again. But fear not, there are systems you can put in place that make the re-ordering of that chaos a little simpler to deal with.

Cube storage

There is a reason cube storage units have become so popular. Put quite simply … they rock. Designated ‘sections’ for the treasure your child collects along the way make cleaning up that little bit easier. Pull-out baskets and tubs are the perfect place to store hats, bags, pencils … all the little unsightly things that can make a clean room appear messy. And the open shelves display their favourite items and books in a much more appealing way than loading them all up on top of a dresser or tall boy.

Here’s my tip for making your cube unit – or any kind of flat-pack shelving or storage unit – look a little unique …

kids room makeover - flat-pack tip

By painting the reverse side of the back wall (the laminate side will not hold the paint well), you can adapt your unit to fit your decor. Simply flip it over, paint it, and use the coloured side when assembling.

Choosing a complementary colour to the room wall behind gives you some great contrast. Plus the coloured background of the unit will make the items on the shelves really pop. If you screw, rather than glue, them on, you can re-paint or flip to the laminate side as your child’s tastes and decor change.

For this room makeover I also used the removable decals from the wall inside the top cube, to tie things in a little.

In-wardrobe storage

Rather than have a bulky chest of drawers taking up floor space in this shared room, I decided to utilise the extra space available in the rooms built-ins. My kids have way more folding fashion than hanging so it made sense to accommodate that by adding some drawers. The Spacesaver range from Super Amart is designed for exactly that purpose. A variety of sizes and drawer/basket options make these adaptable for pretty much any space or purpose.



For our situation – toddler baby brother who likes to touch all of the things and high ceilings – we decided to go for a couple of high floating shelves. Two for each of the kids. See what looks right at your place – that might be either too crowded or not enough for your space.

The height of these not only helped us make use of the space we had, it also ensures any mouth-sized treasure – like tumble stones and special jewels – are kept up well out of reach of baby bro’s gums.

kids room makeover 2


Want more tips on styling a kid’s room? Head over to Super Amart for more tips PLUS your chance to win a $1000 room makeover!

You can read more about this room makeover here:



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