Kid’s Room Makeover Post #2: Siblings sharing a room? Here’s how to make that work

Super AMart were kind enough to gift me the beds, stools, storage and lamps for this room makeover. This is not s sponsored post otherwise. Images by Pixelgarden Design.


When you have two very different personalities sharing one space, it can be tricky to style it without it looking like a hot mess. They key is to find things that are similar and make them a feature.

For this room, we have a six-year-old boy and a four-year-old-girl sharing. Here’s how I made it work …


By choosing some good solid basics, then doubling them, I set the foundation for their personalities to shine through, while still giving the room a feeling of cohesion. The space in this room allowed me to butterfly the furniture – a mirror image for each child’s side. That might not always be possible, but by keeping your main furniture items the same you will still see that cohesion happening.

As for the furnishings, I was able to get some symmetry happening there too:

  • Both shelves have a timber tree ornament
  • Paper suitcases are used in each child’s space
  • Each child has wall decals, and although they are different, they are both placed around and on the cube storage units
  • Each bed has a throw and the same amount of pillows (including a donut, even though they are different colours)
  • Each cube storage unit has the same amount of baskets, in the same cubes
  • Each child has one, similar sized, decoration above the bedhead
  • Each child has bunting on the roof



Even though both sides of this room look quite different, there is still that sense of cohesion – the trick is colour. By choosing some common colours to feature throughout you can achieve a sense of flow.

Grey/Silver: On Cael’s side you can find this in the sheets, wall decals, the printable and the arrow. On Ivy’s it pops up in the linen, and on the X pillow.
Turquoise: The turquoise on the wall makes an appearance on both sides of the room. For Cael you can see it in the fox-basket, and for Ivy it is on the linen, the throw and in shades of the wall decal.
Brights: Lime, yellow, pink, cyan, purple. All of these bright bold confectionery colours feature throughout both sides of the room, and are complementary to the wall behind (British Paints – Tempted Teal FYI)

While both doona covers are different, the fact that they are both white and both feature a recurring geometric pattern in a similar size means that they work together.

kids room makeover

The end result is a couple of kids who love their new space and are happy to share.

Kids room makeover

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You can read more about this room makeover here:


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    Love this! Am about to combine my boy/girl into one room so the colour cohesion part was very helpful, for one lacking in any sort of design skill like me. Thanks! Kat


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