How to throw a Frozen Party … like a boss

It would be fair to say that two of my children have gone batshit crazy for the movie Frozen. I’m talking proper nutso.

Me: Time for dinner Cael.
Cael: Not now mother, it’s Coronation Day *sweeps past theatrically with a doona cover over his shoulders*

So, when my sweet Ivy Belle turned four, it really came as no surprise when she requested that the regular beachside picnic we hold for such events should, this year, have a Frozen theme.

Too hard? Never – not thanks to Pinterest. You can now fake creativity like never before, with some simple thievery inspiration from those who have come before.

If you, like me, resent forking out the big bucks for the pre-made, licensed party merchandise, you should know that are other ways.

I present …

frozen party ideas, Rebel Without A Pause

If you are throwing the party at home – you could GO INSANE with the ideas out there. There’s apparently no limit to how creative one can be with glitter and foam balls in the name of Elsa and Anna.

Ivy’s party, however, was at a creek … in Australia … in the heat. Here’s what we did to give it the Arrendale feel.


frozen party ideas, Rebel Without A Pause, snow, water fight

A challenging concept for November in Oz- one we met head on with some fishing line, some sponges and a bunch of confetti.

Snowball fight: Inspired by the nightmare time I had last year filling up water balloons (the slowest and most unrewarding job in the history of the children’s birthday party), I decided to embrace the idea of the sponge water bomb and rename them ‘snowballs’. Might have made more sense if I could find white sponges … but whatevs – they were a hit. Best part is the fact that I have dried them out and kept them, ready for the next party!

Falling Snow: Who doesn’t take a packet of cotton balls and some fishing line to their hairdresser appointments? While my very patient hairdresser friend went about the business of turning my grey hair pink, I sat and threaded fake snow to hang from our marquee. Cute hey?!

Table Snow: I thought the fact that the stores were already full of Christmas decorations would mean an abundance of snowflake accessories,  nuh-uh, eBay to the rescue. Snowflake confetti for the win!


food, frozen party ideas, Rebel Without A Pause

Snowflake Fairy Bread: Just like regular fairy bread, only snowy. Hot tip: An aptly shaped cookie cutter can help ‘theme’ up fairy bread for any kind of party.

Snowflake Biscuits: These were the contribution of big sis Ruby. She went to town on a packet of Arnotts Arrowrooots, using some icing, sprinkles and cake topper snowflakes.

Cupcakes: After icing cakes for pre-school, followed by Ivy’s big birthday cake – by the time I got to the party cakes I was officially at ‘screw-this-shit’ level of party preparation. Thankfully I had the foresight to grab these cake toppers from a local lass who sells on eBay. Heads-up: Even though I picked these up in person, some were still broken. If you are planning on getting these delivered, be aware that they are pretty fragile.

Elsa-Pops: There are tonnes of variations on this idea. You can do cake-pops if you’re keen, but marshmallows threaded onto a straw – dipped in white chocolate and covered with icy-looking sprinkles were quick, easy … and looked super cute.

Melted Snowman Platter: Using all of the ingredients one might need if they were to build a food snowman, I eradicated some of the sugar-guilt from previous recipes by chucking together a platter of cream cheese, bread sticks, carrot sticks and blueberries.

Because my friends are awesome, everyone came armed with a plate (something that I say YES to for every party these days). As a result we had some pretty tasty grown-up food to throw down our throats as well.

grown up food


frozen party ideas, Rebel Without A Pause

Do an internet search of Frozen Party Birthday Cakes and your mind will be blown. Some people are just amazing.

I am not that person.

I found the simplest design I could find, and adapted it.

During the week leading up to the party I baked the different layers of the cake. Each layer had a differing amount of blue gel colour in it, so that when we sliced it would look a bit spesh. I made a bucket load of buttercream icing (once again – gel colour gave me the blue) and used that to hold the layers together in a stack.

I used the same icing for the outside, then placed two different sized cookie cutters on the top, sprinkling sugar crystals in between to give the snowflake shape. Some leftover cake toppers around the bottom, plus some of the silver balls from Ruby’s Arrowroot adventure and we were done.


Ivy opened her gifts and I remembered the set of figurines I had wrapped up. BINGO! A quick wash with soapy water and they were the perfect accessory (as well as the set of flags from Cael’s birthday cake the year before…. hello last minute bonus feature!).

frozen party ideas, Rebel Without A Pause

So, there you have it. That was a Frozen party – done Rebel Without A Pause style.

Have you hosted a cool party lately? Tell me about it …





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