Holler at me!



If you would like to tell me something, you could try any of the following:

  • Sitting in another room while yelling “Muuuu-uuuuuuuum!” at top-lung, over and over again until I come to you.
  • You could – once again in another room – be verrrrry, verrrrry quiet until I freak the hell out and come running to see who broke something … or someone, while I should have been watching them.
  • Maybe you would like to shoot me an email at holler@rebelwithoutapause.com.au
  • Perhaps snail-mail is your thing (it’s totally my thing!) in which case you could write to me at: Rebel Wylie, PO Box 6223, Tweed Heads South, 2486
  • Or, you could just ignore me for hours, then wait until I am on an important phone call before SCREAMING IN MY FACE that you require urgent attention.

Up to you, of course.

If any of those methods fail, don’t forget there is always: