You can NOT beat the morning

Today was the day that I realised that I will never, ever beat the morning. The morning always wins. Always. Yesterday the morning didn’t just win, it kicked my arse. Complete domination. I had to be out of the door early to get one kid to an excursion, which meant dropping other kids at irregular places […]

Is that toy going to kill me in my sleep?

Last night I shared an image on social media because … FREAK OUT! Here’s what happened: Creepy, right? I blame Toy Story  With four kids in this house, the toy situation can get a little hectic at times. I try to manage it by keeping stuff in an orderly fashion … OK, you guys know […]

Run, rabbit, run …

Have you got any pets? We have a rabbit, which Cael – in the most passive-aggressive ‘I really wanted a dog’ move in history – named ‘Puppy.’ Our yard is not fenced (that’s on ‘the list’) so for now Puppy the rabbit is as good as it gets. Puppy doesn’t do very much. He spends his […]

Owning your own home: What nobody tells you

Owning your own home

This post is sponsored by Action Inspections Owning your own home. Ah, the things you will do. Or not do … if you’re me. I moved out of home pretty young, I guess. For a few years there I flitted from one share-house to another. Then for a while, as I aimed for independence, I had a couple […]