You can’t put much more ‘Straya‘ into your Australia Day than waking up in hospital with a snake bite injury. Seriously, you can not make this shit up. Here’s what happened … Just after lunch on Sunday, Andy was heading down to the pool to throw in some salt, a pretty regular thing to do. […]

He’s ready, I’m not …

I’m not going to lie, Duke has pretty much raised himself. The fourth, and final, instalment in my ‘from the womb’ series simply hasn’t needed too much of me. Duke strutted out into the world as if he had always been here, and thinking back, I find it hard to remember a time when he wasn’t. “Me? A baby? […]

Kid’s Room Makeover Post #2: Siblings sharing a room? Here’s how to make that work

Super AMart were kind enough to gift me the beds, stools, storage and lamps for this room makeover. This is not s sponsored post otherwise. Images by Pixelgarden Design. When you have two very different personalities sharing one space, it can be tricky to style it without it looking like a hot mess. They key is to find things […]