The road to ‘well’ is paved with good intentions

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Bupa FoodSwitch App

I want a healthy life and I want my kids to have long and healthy lives. Sometimes, it’s bloody hard though, and that can be baffling.

The secret to a healthy life is not some Excalibur Sword stuck in a rock for only the special to access. We’re all taught to put the good stuff in, to limit the crap, and to move our bodies. But life doesn’t look like a healthy food pyramid, does it? Neither do the stores where we get our supplies.

In life, and the supermarket, we’re negotiating time, will-power, convenience, emotions, children, marketing ploys, two-for-one deals … there’s a whole plethora of distractions ready to shift our focus from the path of ‘well’.

For me, personally, it’s time. I run a business, I work outside of that business and I have four kids. I know that I want to make good choices, for myself and my family, but with so much other ‘stuff’ pulling at my time I often just trust that what I ‘think’, and that what the packaging says is healthy, is healthy, without looking into it too deeply.

Knowing the nutritional ‘truth’ is actually quite easy

As much as I want to be that mum pondering the ingredients list, and knowing what all of the numbers mean, I’m just not. My shopping style is more grab, trolley dump, and roll. You know what I mean?

“I got this last time, they ate it, nobody died, we need this again.”
“Ooh, it has fruit in it – that’s healthy, in you go.”
“Natural? That must be good, we’ll get two of them.”

That is until I discovered the Bupa FoodSwitch App. I know this is going to sound like a shameless product plug, but seriously … this is a game-changer. We already have our health insurance with Bupa, and they’ve been nothing but great, so when my good friend Chantelle told me that she was working with them on promoting this app, I downloaded it straight away.

Bupa AND Chantelle? That there was a trust sandwich for me.

Bupa is in the health game. They look after Aussie families, which means that they know what the issues standing in the way of us and health are. I mean, it’s in their best interest for us to be healthy, right? So, recognising that one of the issues is making the right choices about the foods we eat, Bupa teamed up with The George Institute to create a FREE app: FoodSwitch which helps everyday Aussies quickly and easily find out what is in the food we are choosing, and offering healthy alternatives if it is not quite up to scratch. Cool, right?

I downloaded the app, and gave it a try. Best thing? It takes no time – my biggest issue. I simply intercept the item between the shelf and my standard trolley dump and give it a scan. Next minute: Yay or Nay.

Bupa FoodSwitch App
Look at me! Seriously, even I have time for this … and it works.
Bupa FoodSwitch App
Traffic lights! So easy to navigate and takes no time at all to recognise the healthiest option. Image via Bupa

Surprise: Items that I thought were healthy and the alternatives I discovered

I can filter what it is I’m looking for, and scan away. Using the simple Traffic Light Labels, I can can quickly ascertain whether I have been making good decisions, and get suggestions for alternatives when I haven’t been so wise.

See? Game-changer. Here’s some of what I’ve changed:

Fruit balls > Dried Apples

As a nude-food school we are all about the Bento-style lunch boxes. And my smug-self thought that sending off the troupes with the little pre-made balls of fruity goodness from the health food aisle in those boxes was genius. Erm, not so much. What FoodSwitch showed me was that dried fruit like apple chips, and strawberry flakes were a much better option than the processed balls. Health food aisle or not.

Air popped popcorn > Natural Microwave Popcorn

Popcorn is popcorn, right? Not fried, so its healthy. WRONG. The ‘air popped’ stuff suggested to me that I was going for good, but what Bupa and The George Institute showed me was that popping the organic stuff at home was much better in saturated fats, sugars, and salt. Plus cheaper. WINNING.

Pasta Sauce with veggies > Passata

My teenager loves to bang out a Bolognese which, obviously works out good for me. So mince for the freezer and sauce in the cupboard is a pretty standard fare for my trolley. I know that my daughter is never going to grate up veggies to ‘hide’ like I do, so I often grab the jars that say ‘With Vegies’ in the hope that some are getting in. Dumb move. On immediate scanning, FoodSwitch told me that a healthier option as far as sugars and salt go, would be pretty much any of the plain passata sauces on the next shelf down. And those bottles make great vases too so, again, WINNING!

And so on and so forth. All the way through the aisles. And while it’s great to get the alternatives, it’s also pretty fist-bumpy when you’ve been getting it right all along. Go me!

Annnnnnd once you start knowing what’s what, you can also use the app to make lists of the good stuff. How good is that?!

It’s really not that difficult at all. The thing that has been standing between me and making the right decisions all of the time was knowledge and the time to find that knowledge. Now? Now it’s in the palm of my hand – literally.

Have you tried the Bupa FoodSwitch App yet? Any surprises you were shocked about?


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