Run, rabbit, run …

Have you got any pets? We have a rabbit, which Cael – in the most passive-aggressive ‘I really wanted a dog’ move in history – named ‘Puppy.’ Our yard is not fenced (that’s on ‘the list’) so for now Puppy the rabbit is as good as it gets. Puppy doesn’t do very much. He spends his […]

Owning your own home: What nobody tells you

Owning your own home

This post is sponsored by Action Inspections Owning your own home. Ah, the things you will do. Or not do … if you’re me. I moved out of home pretty young, I guess. For a few years there I flitted from one share-house to another. Then for a while, as I aimed for independence, I had a couple […]

Orthodontics: What you can do now to get ready for that bill

*This post is sponsored by Health Insurance Comparison  I spent the most awkward part of my teen years with a face full of metal. It wasn’t pretty – neither were my teeth before the installation, though. Overbite, over-crowded, teeth criss-crossed here, there and everywhere. The best part of three years was spent with a pocket full of those […]

TERMS & CONDITIONS Win one of 4 x EKKA Family Value Pack Passes

TERMS & CONDITIONS Competition will be run on the blog, Prize: 4 x EKKA Family Value Pack Passes rrp $89.00 each Each pass includes 2 x Adults and 2 x Children (Children 5 – 14 years at time of entry) Full terms and conditions for EKKA entrance available HERE. 4 winners – Total prize pool: $356.00 Dates: 26th June, […]

WINNERS ANNOUNCED! – WIN tickets to Ekka 2015!

Win Ekka Tickets

Image: Courtesy Royal National Agricultural and Industrial Association of Queensland (RNA)   WINNERS ANNOUNCED! Wow! So many awesome entries to trawl through – you guys have made me more excited than ever for this year’s Ekka! There were tales of first love, memories of loved ones who have passed, hilarious stories of mayhem and mishaps, […]