Picking your battles

Life, for me, is a constant assessment of what I can let go, and what I must deal with. Take a morning with Cael, for example; Me: “Come on mate, get ready, we’re going to the park.” Cael: “Noooooo, no park. Beach.” Assess: Doable. No battle. Me: *making sandwiches at the bench “I’m just getting lunch […]

Learning to drive. Yes, at my age.

I JUST HAD A FREAKIN’ DRIVING LESSON! Yes, me. Driving. Go ahead, laugh, it’s OK. Apparently my 20 year procrastination was wearing a bit thin. My “We can’t afford lessons” and “I’ve got no time, what, with the kids and all’ line of bullshit was nipped in the bud by my resourceful husband. Andy booked me […]