Who does she think she is?

Hey – thanks for stopping by. Did you happen to bring any cake? *asking for a friend.

I’m Rebel. I come from the kind of family that thought the mid-seventies was a great time to name a child Rebel (it wasn’t!).

I haven’t always been a writer. I began my working life as a Graphic Designer, before motherhood and an ever growing addiction to all things social media, saw me trip, stumble and type my way into a position with Kidspot, where I was fortunate enough to work (and laugh… A LOT!) with the Editorial Team for several years.

Recently I jumped right out of that comfort zone to take on the role of Editor role in the shiney and new Families Magazine – Gold Coast. Me. An Editor. So busy and important, don’t you know?

And, whenever the amazing Sarah needs me, I help out as an ambassador for the incredibly important Rafiki Mwema. Please ask me about that any old time.

Right now my life is spent spinning the same kind of plates that we all do;

Mother. Wife. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Neighbour. Unenthusiastic exerciser. Chef. Maid. Colleague. Unenthusiastic canteen assistant. Imaginary fashionista. Person who sometimes does cool things. Bad driver. Mother who turns up to assemblies. Charity Ambassador. Blogger.

I drop plates. I drop heaps of plates. Sometimes some of the plates. Rarely none of the plates. Occasionally all of the plates.

F*ck it.

There’s always more plates.



Thanks so much for stopping by – feel free to holler at me if you would like to know more.  I really appreciate you taking the time to stop in x