The road to ‘well’ is paved with good intentions

Bupa FoodSwitch App

This post is sponsored by Bupa FoodSwitch App I want a healthy life and I want my kids to have long and healthy lives. Sometimes, it’s bloody hard though, and that can be baffling. The secret to a healthy life is not some Excalibur Sword stuck in a rock for only the … [Want to read some more?..]

Owning your own home: What nobody tells you

Owning your own home

This post is sponsored by Action Inspections Owning your own home. Ah, the things you will do. Or not do ... if you're me. I moved out of home pretty young, I guess. For a few years there I flitted from one share-house to another. Then for a while, as I aimed for … [Want to read some more?..]

It’s time to WIN Ekka Tickets!

Win Ekka Tickets

 You could WIN Ekka Tickets! Image: Courtesy Royal National Agricultural and Industrial Association of Queensland (RNA) The Royal Queensland Show (Ekka) has been bringing the country and city together since 1876, to celebrate and champion agriculture and the critical role … [Want to read some more?..]

He’s ready, I’m not …

Duke 1st Day at Care

I'm not going to lie, Duke has pretty much raised himself. The fourth, and final, instalment in my 'from the womb' series simply hasn't needed too much of me. Duke strutted out into the world as if he had always been here, and thinking back, I find it hard to remember a time … [Want to read some more?..]

Why we’re buying a big gift this Christmas (don’t tell the kids!)

One big gift

When I think of last Christmas I don't have fond memories. Look, I mean sure, there was sun, and family, and food ... all of that good stuff - but something happened last Christmas that made me reassess if the memories my children were making at yuletime would have the same … [Want to read some more?..]

Kid’s Room Makeover Post #1: How to build a room that grows with your child

Kids room makeover

Super AMart were kind enough to gift me the beds, stools, storage and lamps for this room makeover. This is not a sponsored post otherwise. Images by Pixelgarden Design. Growing up, my bedroom was always a hodgepodge of bits and pieces that had been handed down from … [Want to read some more?..]